The people that make it happen

We are a group of restless, driven, ambitious and quite unreasonable individuals. Together, we are pioneering the future of finance.

Our team

Alexandre Liuzzi

Founder & CEO

With more than 10 years of experience in financial markets, from investment banking at JP Morgan Chase to research and investment as partner at VELT Partners (former M Square Brasil), Liuzzi decided to become a tech entrepreneur - investing, building and operating fintech ventures in Latam.

Giuliana Reis

Partner & CFO

With an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA from Insper, Giuliana has worked in the financial market as an Investment Banking Analyst and is former Marketing Manager of BRF. In 2014, she founded and was CEO of Tripda, a company in Rocket Internet’s portfolio. She is currently Partner at MAR, Leader at Fundação Estudar and Sponsor of Insper’s scholarship program.

Marcio Willian

Founder & CIO

Together with Vinicius Gracia, Marcio founded one of the largest taxi-hailing apps in LATAM, Easy Taxi. After successfully managing the startup’s tech/product team for 5 years and scaling Easy Taxi to over 33 countries, Marcio exited the company and decided to take on the challenge of building disruptive fintech enterprises.

Vinicius Gracia

Founder & CTO

Vinicius helped develop the backbone of the internet in Brasil in the 1980s and early 90s. He also founded four ventures before co-founding Easy Taxi with Marcio, where he lead the company’s tech/infrastructure team and gained worldwide recognition for scalable AWS projects.

Priscila holanda

Partner & COO

With a background in Law and specialized in Compliance, Priscila focuses on structuring teams and managing projects in regulated markets, leveraging her extensive knowledge of regulation. She has structured compliance departments in companies such as iFood and MODIAX. At the moment, she leads operations at MAR as COO and is a legal mentor for startups as a member of the OAB/SP startup committee.

Our Ecossystem

Ythalo Silva


Entrepreneur with electrical engineering background at the Federal University of Itajubá and Technical University of Braunschweig. His first company was Flueent, a marketplace to learn languages online. After that he was head of operations and partner of Easy Carros, leading its expansion to more than 30 cities and became a partner of MAR ventures. Currently he is founder and CEO of Mosaico Digital Assets.

Felipe Santos

Founder of Insidly

Entrepreneur with Economics background from Insper, acting as vice-president for Insper's select Entrepreneurship Club, Felipe has since been focused on building education ventures that deliver faster and more practical content than the traditional model. As a big enthusiast of technology, he was also co-founder and president of Blockchain Insper, and now runs, a content platform focused on tech and business innovation.

Fabio Witt


Creating digital products since 2009 when he created his first company Movendo Ideias. Fabio co-founded and created the first versions of Easy Carros. Since the beginning of MAR ventures had an important role in developing the initial projects of Singu and BeeTech. Since 2017 he has been acting as Head of Product at Finpass.

Murilo Freitas


Specialist in software engineering by Unicamp, co-founded and created the first versions of Easy Carros. He has been in MAR Ventures since the beginning and had an important role in developing the initial projects of our ventures, designing and building the early versions of technology of this companies. Since 2016 he has been acting as CTO of Finpass.

Allan Kirsten

Partner & UX/UI Specialist

Allan is a designer with almost 20 years of hands-on experience in digital projects. After more than a decade crafting relevant solutions for ad agencies in Lisbon, Rio, and São Paulo, he joined MAR in 2016 with the mission of building scalable product design teams. He is a specialist in the development of processes that take into account both user needs and business objectives.