We are makers, doers, restless, driven, ambitious, and quite unreasonable.
We will always strive for progress, and we live and breathe to build value for our companies and our people.‍

We started this journey amidst an unstable environment, and we made the most out of it without complaining or giving up.
We will always remember where we came from.‍

We endure adversity, surf through chaos and strive in crisis. Disappointments and rejection are part of our life. We chose to learn from them and, when possible, have fun during the process.‍

We value transparency, honesty, and business ethics, in every situation. We will succeed, and we don't need to do this at the expense of others.‍

We decided to be protagonists of change, despite all challenges in doing so. Hence, we build our own future instead of waiting for an uncertain one.‍

We truly believe in our purpose, but, most importantly, we rely on talented execution. Therefore, we chose only those that share the same values to sail with us, making it a life project, not a job.‍

We look for radical collaboration, inspired multidisciplinary teams, and extreme ownership. Commitment and merit supersedes anything else.‍

We are shapeless. We are formless.
We do not settle.We move forward, no matter what.
We are like water. We are MAR.