Building the future

We are a venture builder dedicated to turning meaningful projects into incredible endeavors


Our goal is to influence the future of society by building value through ethical entrepreneurship, outstanding people & disruptive technology

how we work

As a venture builder, we constantly search for hotspots for innovation and proactively conceive and develop new businesses using our pool of shared resources and in-house founding teams. 

By allocating multi-disciplinary and highly skilled talents into businesses from the start and securing funding during their first two years of existence, we increase chances of success for our endeavors, while drastically reducing costs and development cycles.

Additionally, the convevience provided by our collaborative ecosystem allows venture founders to stay focused on crucial aspects of their businesses, such as validation, product development and growth.

our portfolio

We began with service marketplaces and then decided to focus on fintechs: from core financial services such as credit, forex and payments, to digital assets infrastructure.

our people

These are our founders and partners - restless, driven, ambitious and quite unreasonable individuals. They are makers. They are doers.

Alexandre Garcia

Legal Mind & Blockchain Initiatives

Alexandre Liuzzi

Founder & CEO

Allan Kirsten

Head of Design & UX/UI

Dan Cohen

F(x) Founder

Diego Fainberg

Atbash Co-Founder

Fabio Arruda

Founder & COO

Fabio Guarda

Atbash Co-Founder

Fabio Witt


Fernando Saddi

Partner & Founder at Easy Carros

Giuliana Reis

Head of People & Culture

Marcio William

Founder & CTO

Murilo Freitas


Vinicius Gracia

Founder & CIO

Ythalo Silva

Mosaico Co-Founder